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Distribution Box

12core/24core 2 inlets 2 outlets Horizontal Fiber optical splice closure

 1.  Provide from“2 in 2 out”to“4 in 4 out” 
 2.  Available for the diameter of cable isφ7-φ23mm
 3. Sealed by 2 types: Screw mechanical splicing or Hot melt sealing
 4. Can be used in aerial, duct, pole mounted and direct buried application
 5. Available for 12 cores, 24 cores, 48 cores and the max capacity can reach 288 cores
 6. Support the PLC Splitter installation, ax ratio 2:32 or 2:16, the max quantity of SC adapter is 36 pcs
 7. The case body is made from imported high-intensity engineering plastics and formed the shape with mould plastics

    Fiber Optic Splice Closures is used for protective connection of two or multiple optical cable and optic fiber distribution. It is one ofcommonlyused equipment of user access point.Used for the outdoor connection between optical distribution cable and optical inroom cable. Available for aerial,duct,direct buried application.
    Horizontal fiber optic splice closures are made of excellent engineering plastics.we supply different ports types, fittings and different fiber optic core numbers for horizontal fiber optic splice closures.


    The Splice Closure is suitable for protecting optical fiber splices in straight through and branching applications, and can be used in aerial, duct and direct buried fiber optic cable projects.

    1)Suitable for ordinary fiber and ribbon fiber
    2)Fully kitted with all parts for convenient operation
    3)Overlap structure in splicing tray for easy installation
    4)Fiber-bending radium guaranteed more than 40mm
    5)Easy to install and re-entry with a common can wrench
    6)Excellent Anti-removable Screw Opening Type to protect fiber and splice ensuring durability
    7)Stand up to severe condition of moisture,vibration and extreme temperatures



    Product Name

    Fiber optic splice closure




    12,24,36,48 ...



    Ambient temperature(℃)


    Atmospheric pressure(Kpa)


    Tensile strength(N)



    >2000N/ 10cm2 Stress,Time 1min

    Insulation Resistance


    Compressive strength

    15KV(DC)/1min. No breakdown.No flashover

    Housing dimensions(mm)



    Pole, buried, manholes, wall

    Total weight



    Waterproof /Anti oxidation
    Flame retardant/Earthquake resistant
    Low insertion loss and back reflection loss
    Good exchangeability
    Good Durability
    High temperature stability.
    Precise connector
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