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Fiber Optic Tool

Armored cable stripping knife

1.Adjustable stripping outer diameter 4-10mm/8-28.6mm, cutting depth 5.5 mm.
2.Tool slits outer polyethylene jacket and armor in one operation.
3.Rotate the toggle switch to switch between longitudinal and transverse blade for corresponding longitudinal and circular cutting of the cable.
4.Cable guide wheel provides cable stability and allows for easier tool movement along the cable.
5.The blade is made of hard alloy steel with sharp edges for high efficiency cutting.

Stripping Diameter: 4-10mm/8-28.6mm
Blade angle: rotate 90 degrees
Handle Length: 45mm
Total Length: 130mm/182mm
Type: single head 4-10mm, single head 8mm-28.6mm, double head 8mm-28.6mm

Package includes:1PCS Armoured Cable Stripper
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